Terms of Service

Professional home cleaning services in the Western Greater Cleveland suburbs and surrounding communities!

Reclean Policy & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We have a 24-hour turnaround policy so if any areas are not cleaned to satisfaction on the day of cleaning then the client has the responsibility to contact our office within 24 hours of their appointment and we will return to reclean the areas at no cost. We do not offer refunds. 

Pet Hair - Please keep in mind that we do our best to eliminate all pet hair, however, we can not guarantee that ALL pet hair will be gone on the 1st cleaning.

We are methodical in our dust removal process - and do our best to remove/eliminate dust. With consistent recurrent cleanings, and regular furnace filter changes, dust should lessen over time. Post-renovation cleanups take several months for dust removal to reach maintenance levels due to the fine nature of construction dust. When heavy dust is present, or radiator/baseboard heat is used, resettlement is to be expected.  

Pet-Related Reclean Policy - If pets are free to roam during the home cleaning, this waives our guarantee on floor cleaning/fur removal satisfaction as we do not offer recleans or refunds for pet-related resoiling.

Tipping - Tipping is not required, however, it is always greatly appreciated by our staff. The standard amount is 10%-20% of the cost of service. 100% of Tips Received are given to the cleaner(s) who complet(ed) your appointment. Often our clients are not home, however, and we know that you greatly appreciate all our techs’ attention to detail to make sure your home is a place of rest for you. If you would like to send them a “Thank You” tip, you can do so anytime at THIS LINK 

Floor Policy -

Pet Policy - R&R Cleaning Co. LOVES all fur babies, (and loves to give treats when allowed) so please feel free to leave your people-friendly pets in the house, however...we ask that if you know your pet will experience anxiety during your cleaning (loud noises, new smells, etc), or your large dog is still learning not to jump on people, or for those who attempt to escape through open doors please make the necessary arrangements to make sure your pets are comfortable and secure.

ALL aggressive animals (growling, barking, posturing, for example) are required to be kenneled, in a separate room (which will not be cleaned), or outside during the cleaning. If we arrive at the property and are greeted by an aggressive animal, we reserve the right to not clean your home until the necessary arrangements are made.

Pet-Related Reclean Policy - If pets are free to roam during your home cleaning we cannot guarantee floor cleaning/fur removal satisfaction and do not offer recleans or refunds for pet-related messes.

Pet soiling/messes will not be picked up or cleaned.

Insect/Rodent Policy - We expect our clients to maintain and monitor their homes for bugs/pests. We reserve the right to
refuse service if the home has a visible infestation (pests, unknown powders, or harmful pesticides) and may require
professional pest control services, In such an event, R&R Cleaning Co. will consider this a last minute cancellation and follow the standard procedure of the cancellation policy of a 50% charge for services. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.

Trash Policy - We will put all trash in a large bag and place it in an "animal safe" area (Example: Inside the garage) or the
Trash can if it is near the home and accessible. We DO NOT take the trash with us in our vehicles.

Change of Service/Work Order Policy - All details of what to expect for every routine visit will have been discussed during your consultation before beginning services, however, we know that life happens and sometimes changes need to be made. Maybe certain rooms are being painted, plumbing fixed, out-of-town guests, etc. Please notify the office if any changes need to be made to your routine cleaning visits. Changes must be made within 2 hours of your scheduled visit, or they may not be able to be completed. This gives us the necessary time to update the work order, as well as notify the cleaning technician of these changes.

Cancellation Policy - We understand that life happens! All appointments canceled 48 hours before their day/time will not be charged. All appointments canceled WITHIN 48 hours of their time will be considered a “Last Minute Cancellation” and charged 50% of the total cost of services. We send a friendly appointment reminder by email 72 Hours prior to your scheduled appointment to help reduce last minute changes. This policy is in place to compensate our staff for the loss of work, leaving a gap in our schedule which cannot typically be filled with short notice. Any cancellations due to illness or Covid exposure will be considered exempt from charges and the fee will be waived. If R&R Cleaning Co. needs to cancel the cleaning, we will provide the client with 1-2 alternative dates/times ASAP.

Furniture and Appliance Moving Policy - Please note that R&R Cleaning Co. will not move heavy furniture (couches, beds, tables, etc.). If you desire cleaning under or behind furniture, please make arrangements for it to be moved prior to our arrival. Our team is equipped with tools to reach behind and under most furniture effectively without moving items.

For Deep Cleans: R&R Cleaning Co. is not responsible for any damage to the floors if appliances are requested to be moved (Behind the Range / Fridge).

Repeated Cancellation Policy -Any clients who exceed 4 cancellations within 60 days will be notified and automatically moved to monthly visits with the monthly quoted price.

Sickness Cancellation Policy - Any cancellations due to illness will be considered exempt from cancellation charges and the fee will be waived. We do not clean homes where a person is present who is experiencing active symptoms (fever, excessive cough, stomach illness), even if they are isolating in another room. Likewise, we will not send a Cleaning Technician to your home who is experiencing illness/symptoms. We require our Cleaning Technicians to be healthy and symptom-free for work.

On the rare occasion R&R Cleaning Co. needs to reschedule your appointment due to our Cleaning Technician’s illness, we will offer 1-2 rescheduling options within the week. For clients with weekly or more frequent visits, we will skip your scheduled appointment. When appointments are unable to be rescheduled, the next applicable cleaning rate will be applied to the next cleaning to allow for the additional time needed to service your home and remove buildup. (Weekly = Biweekly Rate; Biweekly Rate = Monthly Rate)


Other Contractors - For the safety of our team and to ensure the quality of our service, we require that there are no other service workers in the home at the time of the cleaning. This includes, but is not limited to Painters, Movers, etc.). If there are service workers in the home, R&R Cleaning Co. will not be able to perform the cleaning and the deposit will not be returned. For recurring clients, the appointment will be billed at the 50% Cancellation Rate to compensate your Cleaning Technician.

Rate Increases - Pricing Updates - R&R Cleaning Co. may adjust prices as needed. We'll always ensure clients are informed in advance of any changes.

Cleaning Technician Assignment Policy - Will I Have The Same Cleaning Technician?

Our goal is to consistently assign the same Cleaning Technician to your home. We create our schedules based on route optimization to ensure our team members are using their time and fuel conservatively, while limiting wear and tear on vehicles. 

We may assign a different Cleaning Technician to your home due to time-off requests, scheduling conflicts, or if your regular tech is unavailable due to illness, etc. In some cases a permanent reassignment may be required. 

R&R Cleaning Co. reserves the right to change cleaning techs last minute in order to ensure your home is not skipped, or rescheduled due to staffing availability. 

You can rest assured, all our Cleaning Technicians are highly trained the exact same way, providing you with a CONSISTENT cleaning regardless of the cleaning tech assigned.

Photo Policy - R&R Cleaning Co. will take non-personal, anonymous before and after photos of Initial Cleans, Vacant Properties, Recurring Appointments, and in the event of an incident (breakage/accident). All photos are directly stored in your job file for reference and help us maintain the integrity of the work completed.

R&R Cleaning Co. is proud of our cleaning work and may share non-identifying, anonymous photos of our work at your property on social media.

Entrance/Lock Out Policy - We require access to the client's property on our scheduled appointment day/time. Information regarding entrance to the property (door code, key, garage code, etc) must be provided BEFORE service that day. If in the event we are locked out of the property we will contact the client immediately and ask for an alternative entrance, or if entrance cannot be provided that same day then a Lock Out Fee of 50% of the cost of services will be charged to the client's card on file. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule.

Vacuum Policy - R&R Cleaning Co. will provide a vacuum for each visit. Providing our own vacuums ensures ergonomics for our team, consistency, efficiency, and that vacuum maintenance isroutinely performed, providing you with the best cleaning experience possible.

Firearm/Weapons Policy - If we are cleaning and come across a firearm or weapon, we will not clean that particular area nor will we move the firearm to clean as a safety precaution to our employees.

Make Ready/Vacant Property Policy - All Make Ready and Vacant property cleanings MUST have all utilities on to ensure proper and safe cleaning. Properties must be COMPLETELY vacant and free of garbage, construction scraps or debris.

🔺We DO NOT clean out garage areas except by request at an additional fee.

🔺We DO NOT haul away post construction/renovation/moving debris. 

Entrance and exit details MUST be discussed before the scheduled cleaning date. R&R Cleaning Co. will only conduct communications with the Client who is paying for the services. We WILL NOT clean a property that is under a different name than the paying client's name. If there is an overlap of ownership then we reserve the right to terminate services and the 50% non-refundable deposit will be kept by R&R Cleaning Co.. This is to compensate our staff for the loss of time and work, leaving a gap in our schedule. 

Payment Processing Policy - ALL Clients are required to have a Credit/Debit card on file PRIOR to services beginning unless previously discussed. Clients are required to ensure CC is up to date so payments can be automatically processed after services are completed.

Holiday Schedules Policy - We are closed for all services on major holidays including Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of
July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

Breakage/Damage Policy - Accidents happen. We are covered by insurance, however, every incident is different and will be thoroughly investigated at the time of the incident. If there are sentimental or extra fragile pieces in the home then they will be avoided and pre-discussed during your consultation. A note will be added to the job instructions about NOT cleaning or moving the item.

Non-Solicitation of Our Employees Policy - R&R Cleaning Co. does not permit our clients to “poach” our employees. We request that you do not solicit our employees for side jobs or direct hire. Not only does this place our employee in an unfair and awkward situation, it creates a breakage of trust with our company when we have placed a tremendous amount of time and energy into recruiting, hiring, training, vetting, and ensuring you only have the BEST cleaning service our company can offer. If you decide to solicit an employee for private hire, all future services will be immediately terminated.

Right to Terminate/Refuse Service at any time - Both the client and R&R Cleaning Co. are at liberty to end services at any time. R&R Cleaning Co. reserves the right to end services at any time if they feel the client and R&R Cleaning Co. are no longer a good fit due to the following situations (including, but not limited to):

  • Non-Payment of Services
  • The home has become an unsanitary situation
  • The client has expectations or needs that cannot be met within our company’s scope of services
  • The cleaning technician feels unsafe on the property
  • Appointments are frequently canceled creating inconsistency in scheduling
  • Drugs or other illegal substances are found on the property
  • Poaching of our staff (offering our staff to come and clean privately)


  • Electronics (including TVs)
  • Bodily fluids, blood, urine, or feces as we are neither trained nor certified to clean these types of materials
  • Insect infestations
  • Washing walls
  • Move or lift items weighing over 25 lbs.
  • Cat litter - We will not move or vacuum and mop if there is excessive cat litter
  • Dishes, Grout, and Laundry (These items can be added to service and are by request only.)

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